The prelude

Inspired by the beautiful world that we live in.

Andrew Studer is a professional outdoor commercial photographer videographer and timelapse cinematographer based in Portland, Oregon. With a huge passion for the outdoors, Andrew is constantly seeking out adventure and unique and engaging ways to capture what he sees. His passion for the earth has driven him to capture the world's most beautiful waterfalls, mountains, forests and natural phenomenons. From images of seals swimming through glaciers in Iceland to portraiture of remote Himalayan tribespeople, Andrew's work showcase the wonderful world we live in.

Andrew began his freelance career in the summer of 2015 creating content for a variety of clients in the outdoors. He now spends over a third of the year traveling across the world on commissioned shoots and on adventures capturing content for his personal photo collections. His work has been featured in publications such as National Geographic, Yahoo News, BBC Earth, The Sarah Silverman Show, The Weather Channel, CBS News, The Daily Mail and more. Andrew is available for hire nationally as well as worldwide.

The project

The project goals, and how we accomplished them.

As with most photography websites, the primary goal for this project was to design a beautifully responsive website where Andrew's photos would take center stage. To accomplish this goal, we crafted a design that uses as much screen real estate as possible, with full-bleed images and galleries at every turn.

Another major part of Andrew's website, is the ability to integrate with SmugMug and sell his prints online. With his new website, users can view his award-winning images and films, and order prints directly to their door - all in one place.