The prelude

Big, bold and colourful - Australia is utterly unique.

From sensational coastlines and countryside, to diverse nature and wildlife, Australia offers some of the most memorable experiences on earth. A place where vibrant, cosmopolitan cities fringe pristine beaches and harbours, and cultural attractions reflect the diversity of their population, visitors are welcomed to learn about Indigenous traditions and celebrate the Australian way of life.

From the outback to the coast, to the iconic and the undiscovered, each destination has its own charm and character. However, the real beauty of Australia lies in its people. Expect a warm welcome in Australia, where the friendly locals are always up for a laugh and are known to have little more fun.

The project

The project goals, and how we accomplished them.

Australia is a spectacularly popular travel destination, and for good reason. Their parks and beaches are among some of the best in the world - and with their incredibly robust wildlife and friendly people abound, it's easy to fall in love with the Aussie lifestyle. For this project, our goal was to capture just a taste of what brings millions of people to this amazing country, every year. To accomplish this, we created a bank of commercial photos and videos for use by the Australian Tourism board.