The prelude

Breast cancer has not been stopped.

Scientific discoveries are dependent on new ideas and moving beyond the status quo. Since its founding in 1995, – Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test® has worked and focused solely on the earlier detection of breast cancer, ideally a biological test, which has the potential to reduce or prevent invasive surgery, minimize treatment and dramatically increase survival rates.

Many non-profit organizations have multiple offices, many staff and multi-level internal organizations. has only one office, located in North Carolina, with just a few staff members. The objective of the organization is to direct as many funds as possible, as quickly as possible, to the research. When achieves its clearly defined mission to fund research leading to successful earlier detection, the organization can willingly and thankfully close its doors.

The project

The project goals, and how we accomplished them.

The team over at is working hard every day, to bring us closer to developing a test that detects cancer sooner (with the goal of better preparation and treatment). While the organization has been running strong for many years, its digital presence was in need of a little support and refreshing.

Our goal was to create an all-encompassing digital platform for the non-profit, where they would be able to provide information about what they do, accept donations, market their events and more.