The prelude

Business intelligence for the furniture industry.

From breaking news to daily headlines, Furniture Today is the global authority in the $400 billion furniture industry. Their readers visit often and subscribe weekly to read current events, style and product trends, keep up with who’s who, gain proprietary research insights, learn about retail and merchandising tips, and more.

With almost 20,000 weekly print subscribers and 185,000 unique website visitors a month, Furniture Today keeps the B2B furniture industry in tune with its business and what's happening in the world around. Aside from their weekly print publication, Furniture Today is a content powerhouse - sending two daily eNewsletters, posting to their 100,000+ followers on social media, while covering major home furnishing tradeshows around the world.

The project

The project goals, and how we accomplished them.

Our primary goal for this project was to create a dynamic and responsive website, that would function as an interactive media kit for Furniture Today and their 6 sister publications. While Furniture Today has historically been known for their weekly print publication, their digital presence has exploded over the past few years - and with those new digital platforms, came a whole new world of marketing revenue opportunities.

We designed a website that showcases all of Furniture Today's digital marketing opportunities ranging from onsite ads and rich media, to social media marketing, video content creation and more. The website features real examples of their products, helping their sales team better portray marketing opportunities and drive consistent revenue growth.