The prelude

Traditional Balinese style coupled with modern-day luxury.

Nestled deep in the heart of Balí, the Kamajaya Villas are a haven of luxury and relaxation. With each villa having it's own kitchen, private pool and spa-like bathroom suite, they are all-inclusive accommodations that are guaranteed to make your stay in Indonesia one to remember. We were hired for our experience in lifestyle and interior photography, to capture images that embodied the luxury experience that guests can expect.

The name Kamajaya means Gods/Goddesses of Love. Kamajaya villas are design with intention, to create a romantic and intimate place where couples and families can enjoy their time together. The villas are built in an authentic Balinese style with a touch of contemporary flare.

The project

The project goals, and how we accomplished them.

Balí has become an extremely popular travel destination in the past few years - and given the beautiful scenery and relatively low cost of living, it's become especially popular for those seeking a luxurious tropical experience that doesn't break the bank. We were hired by the owners of Kamajaya Villas to capture new images of their private resort, and showcase the level of quality and attention to detail that you can expect when booking your stay.