The prelude

A modest Parisian bakery, with Michelin Star flavor.

Nestled in the heart of Canal Saint-Martin in Paris, there's an artisan bakery named Sain Boulangerie. Owned and operated by Michelin Star Chef Anthony Courteille, this bakery is a fresh new take on traditional French bakeries, featuring a custom flour blend that makes them unique from all others in the city. Chef Anthony Courteille returned to his first profession, by transforming his restaurant Matière à… into a traditional French bakery. His new store is called Sain Boulangerie (healthy bakery), a name that carries its own manifesto.

Chef Anthony developed the concept of a "healthy" bakery around two guiding principles: creating a bakery for the public, and rediscovering the virtues of the bread of yesteryear. To achieve this, he opted for flour made from céréales paysannes locales (or "local peasant cereals"). These pre-1950 varieties, survivors of the industrialization of agriculture, make it possible to obtain more digestible breads, without sacrificing great taste. The result? Baked good that have a lower gluten content and glycemic index.

The project

The project goals and how we accomplished them.

When you walk into Sain Boulangerie, you immediately get a sense of the charm and character that Anthony and his staff create for their customers. There's a sense of "realness" that you can't help but notice when you walk into this truly authentic Parisian Bakery. Our goal for this project was to create a short commercial video that shows off the healthy and hand-made appeal of their bread and desserts.