The prelude

An award-winning collective of healthcare storytellers.

Jumo Health is a collective of medical folk, product people, designers and storytellers across 3 continents that share a common desire to change health care. Jumo Health develops age-appropriate, educational resources for patients and caregivers for use throughout their medical journey.

By working with providers, manufacturers, and advocacy groups, they ensure that informative and accessible resources are available at the moment of diagnosis, during a treatment regimen, or while participating in a clinical trial. With experience providing resources to more than 65 countries in 55 languages, and covering more than 200 topics, their mixed media solutions range from comic books to animated videos, are evidence-based and peer-reviewed, and pay careful attention to health literacy and reading comprehension barriers.

The branding

Underscoring Jumo Health's commitment to personalization.

A major part of Jumo Health's mission, revolves around the personalization of its products. Whether they're designing print materials for a new clinical trial, or developing cutting-edge CGI animations, they place a major emphasis on contextualizing their content based on the patient. This is why for most of their projects, they create a variety of products for varying age demographics, languages and cultures. For their brand refresh, we focused on creating a logo that communicated the idea of unique, individualized products.

The website

Redesigned and reimagined, with healthcare at the heart.

Jumo Health has been a rockstar in the healthcare industry for many years. Yet despite their expertise in patient education, they struggled with the same issue that many companies face - figuring out how to clearly articulate what they do in a way that's easy to understand. Because of this, a major part of the project was a complete website redesign, with a major focus on the UX and content organization of the website.